About us

Orange QS | delivers test equipment to create better quantum chips

Orange QS offers products to test quantum chip performance. Creating the test equipment and protocols needed to obtain relevant information about this performance requires extensive developer time and expertise. Herein lies the bottleneck.

Our easy-to-use tools provide our customers with fast and reliable testing of quantum chips. Our products are the result of a close connection between our proprietary testing protocols and carefully selected measurement and control hardware components. All these developments enable us to deliver industrial-scale quantum chip testing with high throughput.

We understand our customers’ needs when they set up a quantum chip development laboratory, and we incorporate relevant solutions into our products. Orange QS products help our customers iterate faster and smarter in quantum chip development.

We deliver test equipment

to create better quantum chips



Quality goes before the quick solution. So we use the best components and have the best people possible in their domain.


We think ahead and out of the box and find ways to make things feasible. 


We understand our clients  and partners challenges and work together with them to explore the best solution.


We are reliable. On our products and commitments. And also say it when we believe something can’t be done.