Support Engineer (full-time)

About Orange Quantum Systems 

Orange Quantum Systems delivers diagnostics systems to create better quantum chips for the emerging Quantum Computing market. We are customer focused and independent. Our product roadmap attracts wide interest from notable players in the quantum industry and our developments prepare us to deliver industrial-scale high-throughput quantum chip testing systems.


Job description 

As a support engineer, you are responsible for Orange QS’ products deployment and support at our customer’s site. You will be working with the entire company to discover, deepen and maintain customer engagement. This includes providing technical support and training on the use of products already purchased by our customers. In parallel, you will feed the product development team with relevant customer experiences and needs to improve our products and help develop new offerings. You will occasionally be called upon to provide input for improving the products documentation and depending on available technical capacity, you might need to build the documentation together with the rest of the commercial team.


Required skills and expertise 

We are looking for a hands-on and motivated candidate that has a background in either technical sciences, or sales and business development or a combination of all of them. For this position we require that you have the following qualities: 

  • Proven experience in a deep-tech sales engineering position (e.g. R&D labs from academia/commercial).
    • Bonus if experienced in selling future products to their target market.
  • Able to develop and execute sales strategies for current and future products. 
  • Effective communication and presentation of products to existing and potential customers.
    • Bonus if also able to contribute to building technical documentation.
  • Able to extract budgetary, functional, and technical requirements of the customer and effectively communicate these requirements to the product development and/or commercial team.
  • Experienced in a professional sales funnel process.
  • Been a successful customer advocate within the previous company. Success metrics are customer satisfaction and returning customer feedback. 


What we offer 

We offer a full-time position in an inspiring environment with a dedicated team of scientists and engineers at the forefront of quantum technology. Orange Quantum Systems is operating at the heart of one of the leading hubs in quantum technology: the Quantum Delft ecosystem. By joining Orange Quantum Systems your work will have a real impact on the development of technology for quantum computing. 

This post was published on: Jul 3, 2024
This post is available until: September 2, 2024

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Internships for Quantum Engineers, Mechanical Engineers and Software Engineers are available throughout the year for EU citizens and applicants legally allowed to work in the Netherlands. The physical internship site is Delft.

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