EIT Digital selects OrangeQS as top European deep-tech company

Orange Quantum System was selected as Champion by EIT Digital as one of 12 Europe’s top deep-tech scale-up company of the moment. OrangeQS uniquely helps quantum chip manufacturers save money and develop faster. No need for a quantum computer, to test quantum chips.

OrangeQS selected as top European deep-tech company

OrangeQS selected as top European deep-tech company

The EIT Digital Champions is a scale-up competition that aims to identify the best European deep tech entrepreneurs and help them scale up internationally. EIT Digital Champions looks for fast-growing European companies with a differentiated product offering that leverages highly innovative digital technologies.

As we shared earlier, OrangeQS was selected as one of Europe’s top deep-tech companies. Out 50 companies that got selected, EIT Digital now awarded the title Champion to 12. Find the full list in this EIT Digital news item.

One of the key insights that OrangeQS brings to the market, is that you don’t need a quantum computer to test quantum chips. Quantum chip development has matured to a level that dedicated test equipment can reduce testing costs and time significantly. Systems optimized for testing can greatly improve the testing throughput, which provides more data on the quality of the chip and manufacturing process and shortens the development cycle. Additionally, R&D teams have reported saving a substantial amount of time on testing, allowing them to spend more time on other critical elements of the tech roadmap.

We explain our unique position in the value chain in this video by TNO Tech Transfer:

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