OrangeQS welcomes InnovationQuarter as investor

InnovationQuarter joins Cottonwood Technology Fund and QDNL Participations as an investor in OrangeQS. The new investor supports us because of our unique position in the quantum industry value chain, developing high throughput quantum chip test equipment. Following decades of investment in the South-Holland region, the Delft quantum ecosystem has some top-notch suppliers for quantum chip test equipment. We therefore also have a co-ordinating role in the region, aligning our global and local supply chain to innovate and deliver high-quality and reliable products.

Fleur Spijker

Director Garrelt Alberts receiving the IQ tombstone at the yearly IQ event in The Hague from Leiden city official Fleur Spijker.

InnovationQuarter (IQ) is the regional economic development agency for the greater Rotterdam – The Hague area. The organization finances innovative and fast-growing companies, assists international companies in establishing their businesses in this region and facilitates (international) collaboration between innovative entrepreneurs, knowledge institutes and government. InnovationQuarter has more than € 300 million in funds under management. They fund disruptive startups & scale-ups that create a cleaner, smarter and healthier world.

OrangeQS operates on the frontier of the rapidly developing quantum industry and support the emerging quantum chip industry’s transition from ‘lab to fab’ by reducing the test cost per qubit and accelerating development significantly.

Every year quantum chips are getting closer to ultimately outperforming “traditional” super computers. One of the main bottlenecks in the development of these chips is the time it takes for testing. With machines that can rapidly test quantum chips, new generations of quantum chips can be developed faster and in higher volumes.

Today’s quantum chip test equipment is still developed in-house by quantum chip and quantum computer builders. We are the first company worldwide to provide an off-the-shelve, affordable and fast alternative for industry customers.

Due to decades of investment by national and regional governments in the Delft quantum ecosystem, the South-Holland region has some of the best component suppliers in the supply chain of quantum chip test equipment. This allows OrangeQS to work with top-notch suppliers, while keeping the pace of development high. The new investor welcomes the co-ordinating role OrangeQS can play as a system integrator:

Orange Quantum Systems is a perfect example of a company that InnovationQuarter likes to back. Complex, high-tech and crucial for the positioning of the Dutch quantum ecosystem. To deliver a system that reduces test costs per qubit, it is building up its supply chain with top-notch European component suppliers, some of which are located in South-Holland. In this way, Orange Quantum Systems accelerates the development of quantum chips while taking an important position in the global quantum value chain”, says Erik van der Zant, Head of investment at InnovationQuarter.

In the summer of 2023, OrangeQS raised €1.5M from QDNL Participations and Cottonwood Technology Fund. In addition, this pre-seed investment round, OrangeQS secured the EIC Accelerator grant from the European Innovation Council. In the spring of 2024, OrangeQS announced the sale of their first utility-scale test equipment to a leading quantum computer builder. This system will test 100+ qubit quantum chips in less than a week. They also opened a new production facility in Delft, to assemble and test these industry-level systems.

In 2024, OrangeQS will officially launch their industry-level test equipment as a product. To maintain its unique position in the emerging global quantum industry, the company will be scaling up the team, production facilities and R&D activities, as well as expanding its customer base globally.