Orange QS obtains EIC Accelerator grant to deliver diagnostics systems for the quantum industry

We are proud to share that the European Innovation Council (EIC) will support Orange Quantum Systems to deliver and scale up diagnostics systems for the emerging Quantum Industry. Find the full list of winners on the EIC website here.

Today, testing quantum chips is an expensive, slow and difficult process, due to the required high-tech lab environment, manual workflows and PhD-level operators involved. If the quantum computing value chain wants to increase the number of high-quality qubits per quantum chip, it will need industry-level foundry processes combined with fast diagnostics systems. With the Industry Diagnostics System, Orange QS will support the emerging quantum chips industry to transition from lab to fab by reducing the test cost per qubit significantly.

Watch our EIC Accelerator application video from 2022 on YouTube:

It was an intense process to create our proposal and present it to the EIC. Our stellar team, composed of Garrelt Alberts, Adriaan Rol and Anna Shchygol were able to convince the EIC jury that our roadmap was an essential to enable the European and global Quantum Industry.

Keep a close eye on Orange QS in the coming months for more exciting announcements. And get in touch with us through if you would like to stay up to date on the progress of our Industry Diagnostics System!