New release available on

This summmer the team of Quantum Software Engineers working at Qblox and Orange Quantum Systems has released Quantify-Core 0.5 . If you are interested in data acquisition for Quantum Computing and solid-state physics experiments, your can dowload Quantify at and join the software-for-users channel.

The weekly maintainer meetings is now open to anyone interested in contributing to Quantify, as well as our software-for-developers slack channel. Feel free to join:

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Orange QS joins MinacNed

MinacNed is a trade association with the aim of strengthening economic activity on the basis of microsystems and nanotechnology. Orange QS has become one of its members which consist of research institutes, the manufacturing industry, suppliers, integrators and end users of products and services enabled by, or utilizing, micro and or nanotechnology.

MinacNed, Association for Microsystems and Nanotechnology.

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Dutch quantum ecosystem podcast

Orange QS is part of the Dutch Quantum Ecosystem: Quantum Delta, more specifically the Delft chapter Quantum Delft. The start-up companies in the Delft ecosystem (like Qblox, Qphox, Delft Circuits) are contributing to the global value chain of Quantum Information and Communication Technology.

On the topic of the Dutch Quantum Ecosystem, Sergei Pyatchenkov interviewed Thorsten Last, Director Development and Engineering at Orange QS. Thorsten shared his views on quantum technology development in the Netherlands and the role of start-ups:

Rabobank sponsors IMPAQT project

Rabobank Innovation Fund Delft supports Delft based quantum startups by sponsering the ImpaQT project. Traditionally quantum computer development has been done with a monolithic approach – one entity manufacturing and sourcing all components. This is costly, time-consuming and risky. In order to accelerate quantum computer development, the IMPAQT project is aiming to showcase a modular approach: independent companies focus on different parts of the stack.

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Quantum Delta NL awarded €615 million

We are happy that Quantum Delta NL has been awarded €615 million from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy to power the advancement of quantum technology. Orange Quantum Systems appeared in the "Nieuwsuur" item explaining the importance of this for the Dutch quantum eco-system, alongside Qblox and Delft Circuits, as commercial parties making components for quantum computers in The Netherlands.

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