DiagnostiQ proposal wins Quantum Delta NL SME Call.

Orange Quantum Systems was awarded a €1 million grant for next-generation quantum device diagnostics. We aim to build a diagnostics system for testing next-generation superconducting quantum chips for up to 17 qubits.

Our unique collaboration with the DiCarlo lab at QuTech , provides us with novel chip designs and protocols to diagnose them. According to our Senior Project Manager, Anna Shchygol: “DiagnostiQ will accelerate innovation in quantum chip development by turning key scientific results into a commercially ready product for faster testing of superconducting quantum chips. To this day, this remains a significant bottleneck that stands in the way of commercial development for such quantum chips.”

Since this innovation can significantly accelerate the pace of European efforts to reach a quantum advantage, we are glad to share that DiagnostiQ has already kicked off.

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Unboxing the Orange Rack at the DPG22

Orange Quantum Systems has unboxed its first product at the DPG in Regensburg! It’s everything you need for fast and easy qubit diagnostics, advanced protocols, seamlessly integrated with reliably control electronics.

Come and meet the Orange Quantum Systems team at booth nr. A41 in the Audimax Foyer. You can see the Orange Rack and run one of the basic spectroscopy protocols, one of the many quantum device diagnostics tools that you need to get to know your quantum device!

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MIT R&D funding for Quaracter: developing a quantum chip diagnostic tool

The Quaracter project proposal by Orange Quantum Systems, Delft Circuits and Leiden Cryogenics was ranked 1st by the evaluation committee of Province of South Holland MIT grants! Province of South Holland representatives' de Zoet and Stolk visited the House of Quantum in Delft and handed over the check to the project coordinators. With current technology, the chip dioagnostic process represents a bottleneck in developing and scaling quantum processors and quantum computing technology in general. The main objective of the Quaracter project is to develop a characterization system for quantum processors.

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Towards European Standards for Quantum Technologies

The CEN-CENELEC Focus Group on Quantum Technologies (FGQT) has released a paper (arXiv:2203.01622) presenting its insights on standardisation for quantum technologies. Orange Quantum Systems is a proud member of FGQT. As a systems integrator, we need to integrate different components from different manufacturers in our products. Currently the interfaces between these components are not well defined, providing a clear need for standardisation efforts.

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