Quantify celebrates its third birthday

Three years ago, Quantify was born. Quantify is an open-source, Python-based, high-level data acquisition framework for quantum-computing and solid-state physics experiments. Inspired by PycQED, Quantify is a device-agnostic and professionally maintained framework developed by a global academic and scientific community.

Next to continuous support from Orange QS and Qblox, it is thanks to our enthusiastic global community that Quantify has reached the age of three! On the Quantify website, visitors can download the software and join the Slack channel to contribute towards its continuous development.

Developed to tackle the challenges faced by quantum computing technology developers, Quantify opens up opportunities for more efficient calibration routines and variational quantum algorithms. This is thanks to the novel hybrid gate-pulse control of Quantify, making it easier for users to express complex quantum experiments.

Quantify also enables users to set up experiments more quickly and provides a framework for data storage, live plotting, monitoring and data analysis.

Quantify was first funded as a project in 2020 by Province of South-Holland through the MIT R&D subsidy. The developers also received a microgrant from the Unitary Fund.

At its heart, Quantify is a intuitive and flexible paradigm that will continue to grow. Happy birthday, Quantify! To many more years.

Orange QS is part of the OpensSuperQPlus project

We are excited to announce that Orange QS is a partner of the OpenSuperQPlus project, the largest and most ambitious European collaborative project in building 100-qubit quantum computers. This project involves 28 partners from 10 countries, and we are delighted to join this groundbreaking initiative.

We will support our partners with setting up test benches for QPUs by providing OrangeRacks for qubit diagnostics, enabling them to evaluate the quality and performance of their qubits.

These setups will allow our partners to gain experience in operating a few-qubit system and validating the automated diagnostics protocols, which will ultimately accelerate their quantum chip development.

Through our participation in this project, Orange QS will enhance the tools for qubit testing, which will benefit the leading quantum chip manufacturers in Europe.

The OpenSuperQPlus project has already kicked off remotely on March 1st, and we are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. We are certain that together with OpenSuperQPlus partners, we will contribute to the growth and development of the entire European quantum computing value chain.

DiagnostiQ proposal wins Quantum Delta NL SME Call.

Orange Quantum Systems was awarded a €1 million grant for next-generation quantum device diagnostics. We aim to build a diagnostics system for testing next-generation superconducting quantum chips for up to 17 qubits.

Our unique collaboration with the DiCarlo lab at QuTech , provides us with novel chip designs and protocols to diagnose them. According to our Senior Project Manager, Anna Shchygol: “DiagnostiQ will accelerate innovation in quantum chip development by turning key scientific results into a commercially ready product for faster testing of superconducting quantum chips. To this day, this remains a significant bottleneck that stands in the way of commercial development for such quantum chips.”

Since this innovation can significantly accelerate the pace of European efforts to reach a quantum advantage, we are glad to share that DiagnostiQ has already kicked off.

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