Orange QS takes part in the Inside Quantum Technology Europe conference

IQT Europe - The Future of Quantum Computing, Quantum Networking, Quantum Sensors and Quantum Cryptography

On Tuesday 27 October, Adriaan Rol, co-founder and Director Research & Development, will represent Orange QS on the panel "Emerging technologies and companies in quantum computing". Later that day, Orange QS co-founder and lead business developer Amber van Hauwermeiren will be moderating the panel Cryo, control and subsystems for quantum computing. Orange QS will bring the perspective of the European system integrator to these panels on the IQT conference.

The first panel Emerging technologies and companies in quantum computing, will be moderated by Freeke Heijman. She is the Founder and Director of Quantum Delta Nederland as well as the Director of Quantum Delft. She is expected to let her panelists sketch out their vision of a European industry around quantum technologies.

The second panel Cryo, control and subsystems for quantum computing, will be moderated by our lead business developer Amber Van Hauwermeiren. Attending the panel will be Niels Bultink (Qblox), Hans van den Vlekkert (Quix) and Tomek Schulz (Kiutra). These companies make up part of the developing European value chain of quantum computing and will discuss their common challenges in hardware development and running a business in the current European ecosystem. Who's missing in the European supply chain? What are the first markets in Europe and around the world?

We hope you will tune in to our two panels on Tuesday 27 October! The conference schedule can be viewed on the IQT Europe website.

Virtual Quantum Computing Summit London (2-3 September)

Orange QS will take part in the Virtual Quantum Computing Summit in London on Wednesday 2 September. Contact us at, if you want to have a conversation with us on 2 or 3 September.

We're always open to explore partnerships and find the best international customers and suppliers. We're excited to represent The Netherlands and Delft, a quantum hub that has been building expertise in quantum technologies for decades now. Let's enable the future of quantum together!


Dutch startup spins out of QuTech offering experimental setups to quantum computing research groups.

Orange Quantum Systems - Enabling the Future of Quantum Computing

Today marks the beginning of a new Dutch quantum computing start-up, Orange Quantum Systems. The announcement comes right after the launch of Europe’s first public Quantum Computing platform Quantum Inspire, by QuTech. Part of the team that developed Quantum Inspire is now starting the spin-off company Orange Quantum Systems. Their goal is to make their know-how in building complex quantum computing systems available to research groups worldwide and to help them develop quantum computing technology.

A lot has been said and written about the disruptive power of Quantum Computing. But the truth is we don’t know yet if this is indeed true. The only way to find out what the potential of Quantum Computers is, is to build them and make them available to the world. This is exactly the objective of Orange Quantum Systems.

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