Province of South-Holland supports impaQT

The collaboration of R&D institutes, companies and governments in the province of South Holland offers opportunities on a global level. That is why the Province of South Holland, together with MRDH and Quantum Delta NL, has awarded €450,000 to the ImpaQT consortium. This is a consortium of 6 regional companies that is building the first Dutch NISQ quantum computer. On Wednesday 26 January, administrators from South Holland met to discuss the opportunities and developments in the field of quantum for the region.

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A Practical Guide for Building Superconducting Quantum Devices


We are very excited to see the tutorial on cQED, the technology behind superconducting qubits, that out director R&D and co-founder Adriaan Rol has been working on with Yvonne Gao, Steven Touzard both of the Nat. Univ. of Singapore, and Chen Wang of the Univ. of Massachusetts-Amhrest got published in PRX Quantum today! We hope this work will make it easier for anyone looking to get into this fascinating field.

Thank you Yvonne Gao, Steven Touzard, and Chen Wang for making it possible.

Check out our paper on PRX Quantum or arXiv.

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New release available on

This summmer the team of Quantum Software Engineers working at Qblox and Orange Quantum Systems has released Quantify-Core 0.5 . If you are interested in data acquisition for Quantum Computing and solid-state physics experiments, your can dowload Quantify at and join the software-for-users channel.

The weekly maintainer meetings is now open to anyone interested in contributing to Quantify, as well as our software-for-developers slack channel. Feel free to join:

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