Dutch startup spins out of QuTech offering experimental setups to quantum computing research groups.

Orange Quantum Systems - Enabling the Future of Quantum Computing

Today marks the beginning of a new Dutch quantum computing start-up, Orange Quantum Systems. The announcement comes right after the launch of Europe’s first public Quantum Computing platform Quantum Inspire, by QuTech. Part of the team that developed Quantum Inspire is now starting the spin-off company Orange Quantum Systems. Their goal is to make their know-how in building complex quantum computing systems available to research groups worldwide and to help them develop quantum computing technology.

A lot has been said and written about the disruptive power of Quantum Computing. But the truth is we don’t know yet if this is indeed true. The only way to find out what the potential of Quantum Computers is, is to build them and make them available to the world. This is exactly the objective of Orange Quantum Systems.

At the moment, companies and academic groups have to design and build their own Quantum Computing setups. Orange Quantum Systems wants to free researchers from this task, so that they can focus on their real passion and added value: exploring and extending the current limits of Quantum Computing. Orange Quantum Systems will add the value of an experienced and trustworthy partner in the design, assembly and maintenance of their experimental Quantum Computing set-up.

The Orange Quantum Systems team has an impressive track record of innovation in Quantum Computing. Its’ team members played an essential role in QuTech’s efforts to launch Quantum Inspire, Europe’s first public Quantum Computing platform. Together they have experience in qubit calibration, writing algorithms, integrating the quantum computing stack and starting high-tech companies. It is time for this team to take the know-how created in the Delft quantum ecosystem a step further and help the global high-tech Quantum Computing community.

In the years to come, Orange Quantum Systems will also explore the design and feasibility of an off the shelf scalable Quantum Computer. Coming from the vibrant Quantum Delft ecosystem, they are able to work closely together with local suppliers to solve current issues around hardware/software integration, qubit calibration, and real-world application. The partnership with top-notch research institutes such as QuTech, TU Delft and TNO will enable Orange Quantum Systems to work towards a useful Quantum Computer, capable of solving real problems.

Garrelt Alberts,
Orange Quantum Systems

T: +31-(0) 610486994