Quantum Diagnostics Libraries

TEST | superconducting qubits and TWPAs

The Quantum Diagnostics Libraries is a collection of proprietary software libraries you can use as a student or researcher of quantum devices.


  • Use the simulator to discover and develop without having access to high-quality qubits.
  • Rely on physics-based documentation, APIs, and data analytics to enable automation.
  • The libraries provide clear and simple documentation and data reporting. Benefit from professional library development, maintenance, and updates.

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Our Quantum Diagnostics Libraries use Quantify

Quantify is an open-source, Python-based, high-level data acquisition framework for quantum-computing and solid-state physics experiments. It is developed together with a growing international community of scientists and engineers, and is built on top of QCoDeS for handling various instruments. The framework consists of quantify-core and quantify-scheduler.

OrangeQS supports Quantify, together with Qblox. As an open-source project, we welcome the contributions from the growing community!

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