Diagnostiq - Diagnostics for advanced quantum devices
DiagnostiQ - Diagnostics for advanced quantum devices

The DiagnostiQ project aims to accelerate innovation in quantum chip development by turning key scientific results into a commercially ready product for faster diagnostics of superconducting quantum chips. The DiCarlo lab at QuTech will provide next-generation chip designs as well as protocols to diagnose the system. A qubit diagnostic system will be developed capable of automatically calibrating and characterizing next-generation (tuneable-coupler based) superconducting quantum devices.

Orange QS will be building a qubit diagnostic system capable of testing next-generation quantum chips with up to 17 qubits.

Quaracter - Quantum Device Diagnostics System
Quaracter - Quantum Device Diagnostics System

Quaracter aims to lay the foundations for a system suitable for characterizing quantum processors based on superconducting microcircuits, which can accelerate the development of QPUs/qubits and thus the introduction of practically usable quantum computers. The core and focus of this project will be on accelerating the quantum processor development cycle, by being able to perform quantum characterizations quickly and easily by means of a signal-noise effective and thermally efficient quantum processor characterization system.

Orange QS contributes by designing the system and delivering an Orange Rack.

MATQu- Materials for Quantum Computing

Testchip with superconducting qubits in a 300 mm integrated process prototype (copy IMEC)

MATQu - Materials for Quantum Computing

The MATQu project will validate technology options to produce SJJs on industrial 300 mm silicon-based process flows. The project addresses substrate technology, superconducting metals, resonator technology, through-wafer-via holes, 3D integration, and variability characterization. The substrate-, process- and test-compatibility will be assessed with respect to integration practices for qubits. Core substrate and process technologies with high quality factors, improved material deposition on large substrates, and increased critical temperature for superconducting operation, will be developed and validated. Concerning substrate technology, process technology and tools, MATQu brings together major European actors in the field, including four large RTOs.

Orange QS contributes by providing a quantum system to characterize the performance of superconducting qubits in order to close the quantum device engineering cycle.

IMPAQT - Accelerating quantum computer development by integrating off-the-shelf components
IMPAQT - Accelerating quantum computer development by integrating off-the-shelf components

IMPAQT is a project by independent companies dedicated to speeding up the process of manufacturing and integrating subsystems. IMPAQT members specialize in developing state-of-the-art components for quantum computers. We ensure that different components of the quantum computing stack integrate well by standardizing the interfaces between components. A supply chain of specialized companies will accelerate the development of quantum computers.

Orange QS contributed by doing the quantum system integration and providing advanced qubit measurement and control software.