Advisory Board

Jan van Schoot - Director of System Engineering and Technical Expert at ASML
Jan van Schoot - Director of System Engineering at ASML

Dr. Jan van Schoot brings his experience with the design and production of complex systems to Orange QS. We’re excited to have his advice on best practices and the stringent technical and operational requirements of the semiconductor industry.

Jan holds over 35 patents and has experienced the growth of ASML from about 1000 employees in 1996 to over 30.000 employees. In 2018, ASML succeeded in making machines that use extreme ultraviolet (EUV) to produce the most advanced microchips (7nm, 5 nm and 3 nm nodes). Today ASML’s lithography technology is fundamental to mass producing semiconductor chips. Jan was deeply involved in the two decades of research required to achieve ASML’s EUV milestone and is currently responsible for the optical train of the next-generation system with high numerical aperture (High-NA). Next to this, he studies high NA system extensions and next generation Lithography systems.

Director of System Engineering and Technical Expert at ASML

David P. DiVincenzo - Professor at RWTH Aachen, Professor of Electrical Engineering at the TU Delft, Director of the Institute of Theoretical Nanoelectronics at Forschungszentrum Jülich and Co-director of the JARA Institute for Quantum Information
David P. DiVincenzo - Professor at RWTH Aachen

Professor David DiVincenzo is one of the most distinguished scientists in the quantum computing field and helps Orange QS with his insights on the state-of-the-art academic research on quantum information science.

David is famous for his work on the theoretical foundations of quantum computing and quantum information, as well as for his contributions to the development of practical quantum computing technologies. His pioneering research into quantum information has taken him through positions at the University of Pennsylvania, Cornell University, and IBM Watson Research Center. David is a Fellow of the American Physical Society (1999) and an Associate editor of Reviews of Modern Physics (2011). In 2010 he was also awarded with the Alexander von Humboldt Professorship, a prestigious German prize for international researchers.

Professor at RWTH Aachen, Professor of Electrical Engineering at the TU Delft, Director of the Institute of Theoretical Nanoelectronics at Forschungszentrum Jülich and Co-director of the JARA Institute for Quantum Information

René Penning de Vries - Former CEO & CTO NXP
René Penning de Vries - Former CEO and CTO at NXP

Dr. René Penning de Vries is an experienced and accomplished director in the semicon industry. We are proud to have his advice on strategy, partnerships and development roadmap so that we can establish a leadership position in the emerging quantum industry.

René was educated as a Physicist at the Radboud University and completed a PhD in Device Physics at the University of Twente. After his studies, he held several positions in R&D in The Netherlands, France, the USA and Singapore. In 2001, he became Chief Technology Officer at Philips Semiconductors/NXP. In this role as CTO, he led the R&D branch of the company, consisting of over 5000 physicists, engineers and developers. In 2006, he also took up the role of Chief Executive Officer at NXP Netherlands. Since 2012 René has taken up various roles with the aim of fostering innovation, by connecting companies in the public-private domain, scientific research and governments. In 2021, René got an exceptional recognition for his merits to society, by being named Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau, a Dutch order of chivalry.

Former CEO and CTO at NXP



Thorsten received his Diploma (MSc equivalent) in Physics and PhD in Electrical Engineering from the Ruhr Universität Bochum, Germany. He has been involved in various projects in academia and the semiconductor industry, spanning from “beyond CMOS” device physics to Silicon Valley tech consultancy and EUV lithography. Since 2017, Thorsten has been responsible as a Senior Systems Engineer at TNO/QuTech for the organization of Quantum Inspire’s SPIN-2 quantum processor manufacturing effort, and for setting up Quantum Inspire’s Quantum Computing lab.

Thorsten Last
Director Development & Engineering

Garrelt obtained his MSc degree in Physics and his BSc in Dutch Law at the University of Utrecht in 1998. He finished his PDeng in Mechanical Engineering on Computational Mechanics at the Twente University in 2001. In 2007 he became a TNO Project Manager, and was responsible for several product development projects and research programs. From 2009 onwards he took Department Management responsibility for a group of 60 R&D professionals. In 2017 he started as a QuTech Roadmap Leader, responsible for managing the engineering activities.

Garrelt Alberts
Managing Director

During his PhD (cum laude) in the group of Prof. DiCarlo, Adriaan worked on control for superconducting quantum systems. He has developed new calibration and characterization protocols, as well as a new type of two-qubit gate, and made key contributions to the development of Quantum Infinity, a transmon-based full-stack quantum computer that preceded QuTech’s Quantum Inspire platform. Adriaan has worked closely with experts from all layers of the stack, which was formally recognized through the Zurich Instruments Pioneer Award, and resulted in award-winning papers. Before starting his PhD, Adriaan was on the executive board of a non-profit business consultancy.

Adriaan Rol
Director Research & Development

Amber moved from Belgium to the Netherlands in 2011 to study Aerospace Engineering at the TU Delft. He co-founded the automated coating company Qlayers BV in 2017, and the Aerospace Innovation Hub at the TU Delft in 2018. This gives him experience in bootstrapping high-tech companies. Working at TNO since 2019, he analyzed the market of quantum computing and has applied this insight to Orange Quantum Systems as a business developer.

Amber van Hauwermeiren
Business Development Lead

Kelvin trained as an aerospace engineer in NTU, Singapore, with working experience at the IIT Kanpur in India, and KAIST, in South Korea. With the Erasmus Mundus scholarship, he trained as an applied mathematician focusing on high performance computing at the TU Delft, The Netherlands, and FAU Erlangen, Germany. At TNO, he has contributed to projects within the energy, maritime, and defense sectors, and has contributed to the central controller firmware within Quantum Inspire. Considered as the all-rounder in terms of software and algorithm development.

Kelvin Loh
Sales Engineering Lead

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