Enabling the Future of Quantum Computing

Orange QS accelerates the research on quantum physics and the development of quantum technology for quantum computing. We support R&D labs with custom characterization and calibration software and develop customized full-stack setups for R&D into quantum computing. Orange QS is part of Quantum Delft's world-leading ecosystem for innovation in quantum technologies.

What we offer

We offer Accelerator, a line of full-stack setups, that supports quantum computing R&D. Quantify, the control framework used to operate these setups is available as a stand-alone product. We also provide an engineering service for labs that do research into quantum physics and develop quantum computing technology.

Product lines Accelerator and Quantify with relevant services


The Accelerator product line builds on our expertise on systems integration. It currently contains three products, tailored to your needs.

  • Demonstrator Platform: A quantum system for testing and validating quantum computing components. Optionally we provide a 2-qubit transmon quantum chip, as an integral part of the delivered system.

  • Device Development Platform: A quantum system for characterizing quantum devices, supporting your device manufacturing effort and pilot line.

  • Algorithm Development Platform: A quantum system for developing quantum algorithms.

A showcase of a Demonstrator Platform that we co-developed with our technology partner TNO is the Quantum Information Technology Testing facility (QITT). QITT is an open testing facility that meets the specific market need for an independent, confidential, proprietary test facility.

Orange QS also offers Engineering Support as a service, for designing or sourcing your setup for research into quantum computing. This accelerates your timeline, reduces cost and lets you focus on your research efforts.


Quantify is an open-source framework that can be used to control experimental physics research setups and quantum computers. It is based on PycQED and is extended and maintained by Orange QS and Qblox. It provides extensive documentation, tutorials, robust test coverage and centralized maintenance and support.

  • Core and Scheduler: Quantify Core is the back-bone of the full-stack setups of Orange QS and offers all basic functionality required to control the experiments required for quantum computing. Quantify Scheduler is a module for writing quantum programs.It features a unique hybrid control model allowing quantum gate- and pulse-level descriptions to be combined in a clearly defined and hardware-agnostic way. Quantify-scheduler is designed to allow experimentalists to easily define complex experiments, and produces synchronized pulse schedules to be distributed to control hardware.

  • Custom modules and Automation: Orange QS offers paid extensions to Quantify, for instance custom experiment libraries, tailored to your needs, or custom integration of Quantify with the hardware you have in-house.

Orange QS also offers Software Support and Training as a service, for maintaining your in-house developed Quantify libraries as well as train and support your staff to use Quantify in an efficient way.