A Practical Guide for Building Superconducting Quantum Devices


We are very excited to see the tutorial on cQED, the technology behind superconducting qubits, that out director R&D and co-founder Adriaan Rol has been working on with Yvonne Gao, Steven Touzard both of the Nat. Univ. of Singapore, and Chen Wang of the Univ. of Massachusetts-Amhrest got published in PRX Quantum today! We hope this work will make it easier for anyone looking to get into this fascinating field.

Thank you Yvonne Gao, Steven Touzard, and Chen Wang for making it possible.

Check out our paper on PRX Quantum or arXiv.

Circuit quantum electrodynamics (cQED) is one of the leading hardware platforms for robust universal quantum computation. It describes the interaction of light at microwave frequencies and matter composed of superconducting circuit elements. In recent years, this platform has shown rapid progress in the design, control, and measurement of quantum states. enabling the construction of more reliable and reproducible quantum devices. These capabilities have enabled the cQED community to develop advanced studies of fundamental quantum effects as well as increasingly sophisticated technological applications.

Building cQED quantum systems requires both careful considerations in the design and fabrication processes of the device, as well as continual optimization of the control and measurement apparatus. As the cQED technology matures, the implementation of each building blocks is becoming increasingly sophisticated and multidisciplinary. This article strives to provide an introductory tutorial for experimentalists at the early stages of their career, focusing on some crucial experimental techniques and practices involved in successfully constructing and manipulating quantum devices using superconducting circuits. Finally, this tutorial also aims to provide a useful vantage point for a novice experimentalist to gain practical insights about some of the latest developments and remaining challenges towards realizing robust and scalable quantum hardware.

A Practical Guide for Building Superconducting Quantum Devices
PRX Quantum (2021)
Yvonne Y. Gao, M. Adriaan Rol, Steven Touzard, and Chen Wang


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