Bluefors launches its Delft lab

Congratulations to Bluefors on launching their lab service in Delft! Their service solution is great for researchers and companies that want to perform quantum experiments, before purchasing a dilution refrigerator. We wish Arttu Huikuri the best of luck in his new role as Technical Service Manager of the Bluefors Lab! More information on the Bluefors Lab can be found here.

We’re proud to share that the Bluefors Lab has an Orange Rack available. This hardware can be used for the characterization of two superconducting qubits and resistance measurements. The Orange Rack at the Bluefors lab is seamlessly integrated with Quantify, the open-source platform for measurement & control software, developed and maintained by Orange QS and Qblox. If you are a quantum device researcher in academia or industry that would like to use this setup, consider licensing Quantum Diagnostics Libraries as well. That way you can rely on physics-based documentation, APIs, and data analysis to enable automation of your qubit diagnostics process.