DiagnostiQ proposal wins Quantum Delta NL SME Call.

Orange Quantum Systems was awarded a €1 million grant for next-generation quantum device diagnostics. We aim to build a diagnostics system for testing next-generation superconducting quantum chips for up to 17 qubits.

Our unique collaboration with the DiCarlo lab at QuTech , provides us with novel chip designs and protocols to diagnose them. According to our Senior Project Manager, Anna Shchygol: “DiagnostiQ will accelerate innovation in quantum chip development by turning key scientific results into a commercially ready product for faster testing of superconducting quantum chips. To this day, this remains a significant bottleneck that stands in the way of commercial development for such quantum chips.”

Since this innovation can significantly accelerate the pace of European efforts to reach a quantum advantage, we are glad to share that DiagnostiQ has already kicked off.

You can also read the press release from QuTech.