European “MATQu – Materials for Quantum Computing” project.

Orange Quantum Systems is thrilled to participate in the European “MATQu – Materials for Quantum Computing” project. With MATQu a next step will be taken to accelerate the device engineering cycle for superconducting Transmon qubits.

The project aims at developing a fabrication value chain for Transmon qubits ready for scale up within novel pilot line environments. Pilot lines will ensure an increased throughput of devices ready to be tested, and therefore a looming characterization bottleneck needs to be tackled. Within MATQu novel approaches for an accelerated device learning cycle will be investigated.

Orange QS will contribute its expertise in quantum system full-stacks and qubit characterization to link basic qubit parameters such as spectroscopy, coherence and gate parameters to quantum volume and algorithmic benchmarking-type of experiments, ensuring a broad range of qubit parameters to be obtained on qubit devices and small-scale quantum processors coming out of our partner’s manufacturing facility.