DeteQT – a new project to advance quantum chip diagnostics

We are excited to announce the kick-off of the DeteQT project! This MIT R&D project is addressing the need for a more streamlined approach to diagnostics within the nascent quantum chip industry. The project brings together two pioneering quantum diagnostics startups with complementary approaches: QuantaMap, a developer of microscopes for defect inspection in quantum chips and Orange Quantum Systems, experts in the electrical characterization of the chip.

The central objective of the project is to develop an integrated platform that empowers quantum chip producers to collect diverse metrology and diagnostic data. This enables the precise quality tracking needed for high fabrication yields and provides the chip manufacturer with the feedback needed to accelerate development timelines.

DeteQT kick-off meeting OrangeQS QuantaMap Delft quantum chip diagnostics

DeteQT kick-off meeting at OrangeQS premises in Delft

In the conventional semiconductor industry, a wide range of metrology and characterization tools is used in-line, that is during the wafer processing, as well as end-of-line, once the chip is packaged and assembled. The systematic collection of data across the full workflow is an essential ingredient to ramp up production yields and validate new designs. Consequently, a wide range of tools exist to integrate the data and identify statistical correlations as the basis for optimization.

The collaboration between QuantaMap and OrangeQS represents a novel approach in quantum chip diagnostics. By combining QuantaMap’s expertise in microscopic imaging with OrangeQS’ electrical measurements, this collaboration is uniquely positioned to enhance the quality of data available to chip manufacturers, and for the first time it will be possible to perform a streamlined correlation analysis.

The DeteQT project is set to deliver four crucial outcomes. First, it will establish combined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that integrate electrical testing results with detailed defect data, offering manufacturers a comprehensive view of chip quality and derive improvement strategies. Second, the project will develop advanced data analysis methods that translate complex images from QuantaMap’s pioneering quantum microscopes into actionable data. This will be combined with OrangeQS’ analytical techniques to refine how quantum chip manufacturers interpret data. Additionally, a scalable and searchable database structure will be designed to manage extensive metrology data efficiently. Finally, an API will link this database to Quantify, the open-source framework for data acquisition developed by OrangeQS and Qblox.

This initiative aligns with the broader objectives of the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda for Key Technologies (KIA-ST), setting a new standard for device testing and quality assessment in the industry. The MIT R&D project is funded by the Province of South-Holland

Stay tuned for future updates and first results from the project.