MetSuperQ Project Kickoff

With MetSuperQ a new project is set to advance metrological tools for superconducting qubits to enhance the characterization and performance of state-of-the-art circuits and materials. This initiative aims to address discrepancies in how qubit metrics are reported by harmonizing measurement methodologies and fostering collaboration among national metrology institutions (NMIs), which is crucial for advancing materials, readout, control electronics, and circuit design.
Led by PTB, Germany the project brings together the expertise of major European metrology institutes including DFM (Denmark), INRIM (Italy), VTT (Finland), JV (Norway), and LNE (France).
The project has been kicked off last week, and aims to eventually demonstrate the developments in the first euro-wide Round Robin exercise. For this, superconducting qubit chips will be shipped and tested in different setups and conditions across the participating countries.

Cryostat for superconducting qubits achieving ultra low temperatures and researcher using the equipment

The German metrology institute PTB has extended capabilities in low temperature research. The left picture shows a new cryostat which offers thermometer calibrations down to 0,9mK. On the right is a picture taken during the redefinition of the Kelvin in the international system of units (SI). Picture courtesy to PTB.

The objective is to evaluate superconducting qubits made from various materials such as Aluminium, Niobium, and Tantalum, enhancing the understanding of different performance limitations. The consortium will develop new characterization techniques and investigate factors that limit coherence while creating standardized device designs for comparative studies. Additionally, the project will enhance the performance of control and read-out electronics in superconducting quantum computing systems by developing quantum-limited parametric amplifiers and cryogenic waveform generators, as well as optimizing pulse patterns to reduce gate times and improve system scalability.
Harmonized measurement and analysis routines will be established for accurate benchmarking of superconducting qubits, with a focus on investigating various decoherence mechanisms and improving qubit performance evaluation. A Europe-wide Round Robin comparison will align multiple National Metrology Institutes in benchmarking qubit performance, distinguishing intrinsic from external sources of decoherence, and setting a European standard for superconducting qubit measurement capabilities. Building on insights from the 20FUN07 SuperQuant project, this initiative is expected to lead to significant scientific advancements, high-impact publications, and new measurement capabilities for qubit materials and systems.
OrangeQS is the only commercial entity in the consortium, highlighting OrangeQS’ pivotal role in quantum chip testing. By partnering with leading metrology institutes, we can further improve workflow, protocols and standards of our test systems. The results of MetSuperQ will lead the way to the first calibration service for parametric amplifiers and superconducting qubits worldwide, and the effort represents an important step in ongoing standardization efforts.