Minister Micky Adriaansens visits Orange QS during opening House of Quantum

Last month we had the opportunity to present our work to the Minister of Economic affairs and Climate, Micky Adriaansens, during the official opening of House of Quantum.

The House of Quantum is to become the world’s first national quantum campus, consisting of several collection buildings for quantum companies across the country. The opening of their first building, where our office and lab are located, happened on the 28th of November, it was officially opened by the Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate in the presence of, among others, Special Envoy Constantijn van Oranje, founders, investors and knowledge institutions such as TU Delft.

One of our co-founders Garrelt Alberts gave a short presentation in our lab to the minister, highlighting the Quaracter project, which we are developing in collaboration with Leiden Cryogenics and Delft Circuits. The main objective of the Quaracter project is to develop a characterization system for quantum processors, which can accelerate the development of QPUs/qubits and thus the introduction of practical usable quantum computers.

During the presentation, our team also discussed the success of the Dutch value chain and having organisation like HoQ that help Dutch companies work together and create a complex machine. You can also read the press release from House of Quantum.