MIT R&D funding for Quaracter: developing a quantum chip diagnostic tool

The Quaracter project proposal by Orange Quantum SystemsDelft Circuits and Leiden Cryogenics was ranked 1st by the evaluation committee of Province of South Holland MIT grants! Province of South Holland representatives’ de Zoet and Stolk visited the House of Quantum in Delft and handed over the check to the project coordinators. With current technology, the chip dioagnostic process represents a bottleneck in developing and scaling quantum processors and quantum computing technology in general. The main objective of the Quaracter project is to develop a characterization system for quantum processors.

With this project, the consortium aims to lay the foundations for a system suitable for characterizing quantum processors based on superconducting microcircuits, which can accelerate the development of QPUs/qubits and thus the introduction of practically usable quantum computers. The core and focus of this project will be on accelerating the quantum processor development cycle, by being able to perform quantum characterizations quickly and easily by means of a signal-noise effective and thermally efficient quantum processor characterization system.