NanoFront Seed Money granted to Orange QS

Orange QS builds directly on the know-how developed during the NanoFront sponsored Ph.D. (cum laude) of M.A. Rol: “Control for Programmable Superconducting Quantum Systems”. Orange QS was granted the NanoFront seed money to extend the initial prototype of Quantify, the open-source software framework for controlling quantum experiments based on PycQED (M.A.Rol et al. GitHub 2016).

Casimir Research School-NanoFront Seed money

Quantify is a joint development of Qblox and Orange QS that addresses the main limitations of current academic software, namely a lack of documentation and quality control. The Nanofront seed money will be used to extend the core framework for controlling experiment to develop a calibration framework based on AutoDepGraph (M.A.Rol et al. GitHub 2018), a basic system emulator that models both the device physics and hardware interfaces and an important subset of the experiment libraries.

If you are interested in using or co-developing Quantify, please contact Adriaan Rol for more information.