NWO supports development of Orange-Rack

NWO has granted Orange QS “Take off” funding to further improve the Orange-RackOrange Quantum Systems is tackling the characterization bottleneck of quantum processing units. One of the products we are offering is the Orange-Rack, a hardware rack consisting of room temperature control electronics that is optimized to work seamlessly with our Quantum Control Software.

“Take-off”, the funding instrument available to all scientific fields, encourages activity and entrepreneurship within the Dutch knowledge institutions. With this instrument, academic entrepreneurs – but also starters from universities of applied sciences (HBO) and starters who are making use of knowledge from institutions for Applied Research Organisations (TO2) – can bring their innovative research results to the market. The funding will be used to optimize the Orange Rack. New designs and components will be used to investigate whether the characterization of quantum devices can be accelerated in order the improve the throughput and uptime of the system. Take-off is one of the instruments for knowledge utilisation which NWO implements together with ZonMw (The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development).