NWO Take-off feasibility study granted to Orange QS

Another step for the Delft ecosystem in moving towards market implementation of quantum computing technology. Orange QS has been converting the knowledge and experience of its team members, gained while developing QuTech’s Quantum Inspire, into commercial services and products. The Dutch Research Council (NWO) has now granted Orange QS funding to perform a feasibility study of providing Quantum Systems Engineering Support as a service to the market. Furthermore, the market value of Quantum Accelerator, a quantum technology test and validation platform, will be assessed.

Quantum Systems Engineering Support is a service that we offer to R&D labs that are developing quantum technology. We take care of designing, procuring and installing experimental set-ups to research quantum physics and develop quantum technology. Furthermore, we help automating experiments in such way that R&D activities can be performed efficiently.

Quantum Accelerator is a product that we provide to R&D labs that can be used to test and validate quantum hardware and software. Currently Quantum Accelerator can test and validate the performance of TWPA’s and Transmon quantum chips (up to 5 qubits).

If you want to help us build an Engineering Support service or are interested in the Quantum Accelerator system, don’t hesitate to contact Amber Van Hauwermeiren.