Orange QS endorses RTO’s white paper “The Future is Quantum … and the Future is Now”.

2nd RTO Innovation Summit white paper

Thorsten Last, one of Orange QS founders, has contributed to the European Research and Technology Organisation’s (RTO) white paper “The Future is Quantum … and the Future is Now“. It gives insight in Europe’s position on the world stage, the opportunities and challenges ahead and the emerging value chains in Europe.

Orange QS strongly believes that quantum technology is going the be a key technology for Europe’s future. We fully agree with the RTO’s statement that “In the current constellation, all the elements necessary for developing a full supply chain and a future market around this key emergent technology are principally available within the European ecosystem, offering, together with the strong fundamental science base present in Europe, a promising environment for further developments.”

Orange QS’ mission is to enable the future of quantum computing by providing products and services to R&D labs to speed-up their technology development. If you are interested in developing technologies for quantum computing, please contact Thorsten Last for more information.