Orange QS moved to the House of Quantum

This week Orange Quantum Systems said goodbye to its old offices at the Delft University of Technology! We moved our offices as well as our production and testing facilities to the first building of the House of Quantum. You can visit us at:

Visiting Address:
1st floor House of Quantum at the Delftech park,
Elektronicaweg 10, 2628 XG Delft, The Netherlands.

The House of Quantum is an innitiative from Quantum Delta The Netherlands and integrates various functions: space for scientists, startups and business, combined with spaces for shared facilities, meeting and interaction. It is an inspiring place, where unexpected encounters between enterprising people take place and where the quantum community has a place to use shared equipment and workshops and organize walks and workshops.

Next to Orange Quantum Systems, the first building of the House of Quantum hosts QbloxQuantWare and QPHOX. All quantum start-ups that closely work together to commercialize quantum technology.