Orange QS presents joint paper at the 2023 SPIE Advanced Lithography & Patterning conference

Orange QS’ Director of D&E Thorsten Last had the privilege of presenting a joint paper at the 2023 SPIE Advanced Lithography & Patterning conference. The conference is an important venue for emerging technologies in the semiconductor industry. It took place in San Jose, CA, in the week of February 26th.

The paper was the result of a collaboration between Orange QS and IMEC and it focused on aspects of how to move superconducting qubit manufacturing and testing from small-scale laboratories to large-scale fabrication facilities. Key ingredients named in this proceedings paper are:

  • A foundry-compatible fabrication process of superconducting qubits and
  • an acceleration in testing through integrated qubit diagnostics and benchmarking tools in combination with cryo-CMOS technology for multiplexing of signals.

You can find more information about the paper here.

The emphasis on foundry-compatibility of processes gives the semiconductor industry with its decades of experience in targeting scaling, yield, and low variability the opportunity to get engaged in the development of next generation quantum processors.