Orange Rack launched at the APS March meeting

We’re now open for sales in the United States! We’re launching the Orange Rack at the APS March Meeting in Las Vegas. Make sure to visit the Orange QS booth (nr 806) between the 7th and 9th of March and experience a demo version of the Orange Rack.

After becoming a member of the Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C) at the start of 2023 and teasing the upcoming product launch at the Q2B conference in Santa Clara, Orange QS is now officially selling its products in the US. And what is a better place to announce our entry into this exciting market then at the March Meeting of the Applied Physics Society (APS) in Las Vegas!

The Orange Rack was successfully launched in 2022 at the DPG conference in Regensburg. It accelerates testing of superconducting quantum chips and reduces the time required to build and maintain a test setup. This allows users to direct resources to the design and production of quantum chips, instead of the development of test equipment.

At the APS March Meeting, KelvinAmber and Timo present the Orange Rack, in the Orange QS booth (nr. 806). They can also give more information about: