Our product roadmap paper publised in EPJ Quantum Technology journal

Together with our strategic partners Qu&Co , Qblox and QuantWare we have written a visionary paper on how to accelerate quantum computer developments. This paper has been pusblished in the peer-reviewed EPJ Quantum Technology journal’s special issue on quantum industry.

Given the recent breakthroughs in quantum technology development in R&D labs all over the world, the perspective of high-tech companies has changed. Product development is initiated next to the existing research and technology development activities.

Considering the quantum computer as a product requires standardization and integration of all its building blocks and a mature supply chain that can provide high-quality components and can ensure security of supply. The product development approach puts focus on functionality and performance requirements of the product and uses state-of-the-art technology to build the product. Based on the expected requirements of future products it is possible to outline a product development roadmap.

It is expected that a fully functional quantum computer will be available within a decade from now, and will be used by the High Performance Computing (HPC) market, where it will replace (part of) the supercomputers that are currently used for complex calculations and data management. In the short term, a partly functional quantum computer will be available and of interest to the R&D market, which has a need for such a product to expedite their quantum technology developments.