Province of South-Holland supports impaQT

The collaboration of R&D institutes, companies and governments in the province of South Holland offers opportunities on a global level. That is why the Province of South Holland, together with MRDH and Quantum Delta NL, has awarded €450,000 to the ImpaQT consortium. This is a consortium of 6 regional companies that is building the first Dutch NISQ quantum computer. On Wednesday 26 January, administrators from South Holland met to discuss the opportunities and developments in the field of quantum for the region.

South Holland is known for its innovative strength. In order to maintain and strengthen this position, innovation is necessary. Deputy Meindert Stolk (Economics and Innovation): “We cannot predict the future, but we can prepare ourselves for the various scenarios. The report helps us to create the right preconditions within which entrepreneurs and researchers can continue with this innovative technique. In this way we can make optimal use of the opportunities that quantum offers.”

The pride of South Holland is the ImpaQT Consortium. Orange Quantum Systems together with 4 other companies from South Holland and 1 from Amsterdam are working together on the realization of the first Dutch quantum computer: model Nano NISQ 5Qubit. As a partner, connector and co-financier, the province and the Metropolitan Region of Rotterdam-The Hague (MRDH) have invested €450,000 euros to start the construction of the computer with the support of InnovationQuarter and Quantum Delta. If the project is successful, it will give the region a unique position worldwide as a supplier of quantum equipment.

More information: PZH and quantum technology.