Quantify celebrates its third birthday

Three years ago, Quantify was born. Quantify is an open-source, Python-based, high-level data acquisition framework for quantum-computing and solid-state physics experiments. Inspired by PycQED, Quantify is a device-agnostic and professionally maintained framework developed by a global academic and scientific community.

Next to continuous support from Orange QS and Qblox, it is thanks to our enthusiastic global community that Quantify has reached the age of three! On the Quantify website, visitors can download the software and join the Slack channel to contribute towards its continuous development.

Developed to tackle the challenges faced by quantum computing technology developers, Quantify opens up opportunities for more efficient calibration routines and variational quantum algorithms. This is thanks to the novel hybrid gate-pulse control of Quantify, making it easier for users to express complex quantum experiments.

Quantify also enables users to set up experiments more quickly and provides a framework for data storage, live plotting, monitoring and data analysis.

Quantify was first funded as a project in 2020 by Province of South-Holland through the MIT R&D subsidy. The developers also received a microgrant from the Unitary Fund.

At its heart, Quantify is a intuitive and flexible paradigm that will continue to grow. Happy birthday, Quantify! To many more years.