Quantum Delft webinar on ImpaQT

Quantum Delft organized a webinar on the ImpaQT consortium, discussing its members, mission and future plans. The consortium consists of independent companies that align their product development activities to ensure that their products are compatible when used as components in a full-stack quantum computer:

The first project by the IMPAQT consortium was dedicated to speeding up the process of manufacturing and integrating subsystems. We ensure that different components of the quantum computing stack integrate well by standardizing the interfaces between components. The IMPAQT project resulted in a full-stack qubit device characterization setup in under 4 months. Following the successful first project, the IMPAQT consortium set up the Nano-NISQ project. This project aims to connect modular and scalable components into a 5-qubit quantum computer. Once that is done, it will run quantum algorithms and its components can be bench-marked.