Quantum Delft webinar on Quantify

Quantify, our open-source framework for operating quantum computers in the NISQ era, was presented at the 6th webinar of Quantum DelftQuantify is co-developed with Qblox and partly funded by The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) through the MIT instrument and recently received support from the Unitary Fund, a microgrant program that funds explorers across the world to work on quantum technologies.

Working with an experimental set-up for quantum computing research is an often-underestimated challenge. Specifically, the tune-up of the system and execution of experiments. Quantify is especially developed to tackle the challenges faced by quantum computing technology developers. It’s a robust and extensively documented open-source experiment platform inspired by PycQED (Rol et al. 10.5281/zenodo.160327).

Quantify contains all the basic functionality to control experiments, as well as a novel scheduler. This scheduler features a unique hybrid control model allowing quantum gate- and pulse-level descriptions, which allows for better use of hardware backends. It opens up new avenues for more efficient calibration routines and variational quantum algorithms (VQA).

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