Towards European Standards for Quantum Technologies

The CEN-CENELEC Focus Group on Quantum Technologies (FGQT) has released a paper (arXiv:2203.01622) presenting its insights on standardisation for quantum technologies. Orange Quantum Systems is a proud member of FGQT. As a systems integrator, we need to integrate different components from different manufacturers in our products. Currently the interfaces between these components are not well defined, providing a clear need for standardisation efforts.

In 2018, the European Commission has launched its large-scale and long-term Quantum Flagship research initiative to support and foster the creation and development of a competitive European quantum technologies industry, as well as the consolidation and expansion of leadership and excellence in European quantum technology research. One of the measures to achieve an accelerated development and uptake has been identified by the Quantum Flagship in its Strategic Research Agenda: the promotion of coordinated, dedicated standardisation and certification efforts.

Standardisation is paramount importance to facilitate the growth of new technologies, and the development of efficient and effective supply chains. The harmonisation of technologies, methodologies, and interfaces enables interoperable products, innovation, and competition, all leading to structuring and hence growth of markets. As quantum technologies are maturing, time has come to start thinking about further standardisation needs.