WIQD – Women in Quantum Development

Diversity in a workplace is important as it helps bring in new perspectives, which in turn helps in looking at the problem from different angles. Just as how Quantum is a highly interdisciplinary field with physics, electrical engineering, computer science and other subjects all coming together to usher in amazing new findings, increasing the diversity in this field also aids in furthering the research.

Currently, however, there is very little representation of women in quantum. This makes it difficult to encourage more young women to join and contribute to this exciting area of innovation. The community of Women In Quantum Development (WIQD) attempts to create a support network of women in this field. At Orange QS, with our interest in fostering diversity in quantum, we fully support the endeavors of WIQD in increasing the number of women in quantum. Catch us on June 13th at the “Diversify yourself” symposium organized by WIQD in Amsterdam.