Celebrating Quaracter, supported by the Province of South-Holland

Orange Quantum Systems, Delft Circuits and Leiden Cryogenics are successfully rounding off the Quaracter project, a project in which a prototype demonstrator of a test system for quantum processors has been developed.

The qubit count on superconducting quantum processors is steadily increasing and along with it, so is the test time of these quantum chips. If not addressed, this increase in test time will become a bottleneck in the development and scaling of quantum processors and could slow down the advent of quantum computing. The goal of the project was to build a reliable characterization system prototype while innovating in refrigeration, cabling, and automation. The project was funded by a Province of South-Holland MIT R&D subsidy.


During the two-year Quaracter project, our products have evolved from manual execution of physics experiments to automated execution of test protocols. Thanks to the project, we were able to build the first prototype of a multi-chip test system. In the coming years, the Quaracter team will further continue to reduce the time for QPU testing and enhance the user-friendliness of this test system.

“It sounds almost too simple, but one can remove a cool-down cycle and a device exchange when able to switch between two devices-under-test in the same cool-down.”

– Dr. Thorsten Last, director D&E at Orange QS

With this project, the consortium laid the foundations for a system suitable for characterizing quantum processors based on superconducting qubits. Next to the automation of test protocol execution by Orange QS, as well as the switching between two devices-under-test, the system needed to be thermally efficient and make sure the signal-to-noise ratio was high enough. Here the reliable dilution refrigerator by Leiden Cryogenics and the flexible cryogenic i/o solution by Delft Circuits proved effective.

To celebrate the successful project and two-year collaboration, we organized a close-out event at the House of Quantum in Delft, which was attended by the project partners and a select group of people from the ecosystem. After a presentation of the planning and learnings from the project, we showed the Orange Rack and Orange R&D System used in the project. Finally, we closed off with drinks and many inspiring conversations about next steps.

In 2022, the Quaracter project proposal by Orange Quantum Systems, [Delft Circuits] and [Leiden Cryogenics] was ranked 1st by the evaluation committee of Province of South Holland, out of all MIT R&D grants at the time. For more information on the project, have a look at the announcement of MIT R&D funding for Quaracter.