Quantum Diagnostics Libraries deployed at the University of Napoli

Exciting news from Naples! Two weeks ago, our automated testing software for the lab group of Prof. Francesco Tafuri at the Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II was delivered. That means they are now fully equiped to perform experiments on superconducting qubits.

By providing our Quantum Diagnostics Libraries (SCQT and GRACE), the team in Naples can use standardized physics APIs for efficient hardware control and automated execution of protocols. As the first italian public institution, the team in Napoli executed experiments on smaller scale transmon-based processors, and is on the pathway to significantly scale up the scope of their research.

UniNa quantum computing research group receives OrangeQS Quantum Diagnostics Libraries

UniNa research group on superconducting qubits installs OrangeQS Quantum Diagnostics Libraries

The Department of Physics “Ettore Pancini” works on cutting-edge experimentation aimed at the development and testing of quantum computer architectures based on superconducting qubits.

At the APS March Meeting this year Halima Giovanna Ahmad reported on their first experiments involving state-of-the-art single- and two-qubit protocols, as well as the implementation of single- and two-qubit quantum circuits on few-qubits processors.

Similar to other newly set up quantum laboratories, part of the struggle was the installation of the required soft- and hardware infrastructure. After procuring the hardware components such as control electronics and dilution refrigerator, the final link was a hardware-compatible control software to perform experiments in a reliable, standardized way.

One of OrangeQS’ products is a library of tools for Superconducting Qubit Tools (SCQT), with automation provided by our Graph-based Automated Calibration Execution framework (GRACE).

Two OrangeQS engineers travelled in to ensure proper installation and verify the functionality by testing on the group’s qubits, and follow up with two days of on-site training.

Two OrangeQS quantum engineers deliver Quantum Diagnostics Libraries and provide a two-day training

Two OrangeQS quantum engineers deliver Quantum Diagnostics Libraries and provide a two-day training

Establishing this these connections to the front runners of quantum computing research in Italy is an important link in the european quantum ecosystem.

We are looking forward to seeing great results coming from the group and are proud to contribute by providing and continuously improving our Quantum Diagnostics Libraries.

Learn more about our automated testing software in this article and more about the quantum research in Naples at the University Napoli.