Opening a new OrangeQS facility in Delft – Production 1

The first commercial industry-level quantum chip test equipment will not only be impressive in its test throughput and cost per tested qubit, but also in its size. Our new production facility will be able to house the assembly and testing of our new OrangeQS Industry System. Stay tuned for the official opening and our OrangeQS Industry System product launch later this year!

The new facility, aptly named ‘Production 1’, is located in Delft, close to our current offices. The space allows us to manufacture and test the new OrangeQS Industry System, the first commercial test equipment for quantum chips of more than 100 qubits. Because of its automation and fit-for-purpose hardware, this system will have a much higher throughput and much lower cost/qubit compared to systems that are currently used by quantum chip makers.

Besides the assembly and testing of our OrangeQS Industry System, Production 1 will be used to test key components for other OrangeQS products, such as the OrangeQS R&D System, the OrangeQS Rack and the Quantum Diagnostics Libraries. Development and prototyping of new innovations will still continue at the cryogenic facility ‘Lab 1’, in the House of Quantum in Delft.

Shortly after the keys of the new facility were handed over,  the team started to prepare the space for the production of the OrangeQS Industry System. The facility will be officially opened in April 2024, in the presence of the whole OrangeQS team. Stay tuned for more updates!