OrangeQS Rack delivered to FAU Erlangen

In the process of becoming a major player in quantum computing research, the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU Erlangen) has taken a significant step by acquiring a customized test solution. OrangeQS won part of the public tender and delivered an OrangeQS Rack, comprising multi-channel measurement electronics designed for room temperature control of the experimental cryo setup.

In the tender, compatibility with the open-source software Quantify was a specific requirement, highlighting the appeal of the community-based open-source framework supported by different control hardware suppliers.

FAU Erlangen lab facilities quantum chip R&D system assembled OrangeQS Rack

Picture of lab facilities and the assembled OrangeQS Rack at the time of delivery in December 2023. OrangeQS engineers introduced the system during the Site Acceptance Test.

FAU Erlangen has a tradition of research and long-standing partnerships with international research institutions such as Max Planck, Fraunhofer and Helmholtz. Additionally the university cluster received a 3 million euro grant as part of a larger incentive to ramp up quantum research to make it one of Germany’s leading institutes. Within the department of Physics, Prof. Christopher Eichler and his team strive to advance research and education in quantum science, with an experimental foucs on superconducting circuit devices for quantum computing.

One of the conditions of last years’ call was experimental control using Quantify, an open-source framework for data acquisition in solid state physics experiments. Quantify allows the user to avoid a lock-in situation, since it can control hardware of different suppliers. In the call text the institution argues:

“We use the Quantify software as measurement and control software at the chair due to technical aspects (scope of performance and degree of maturity, existing user community, integration of various hardware solutions) and economic efficiency (free of charge and open source license).“

OrangeQS as a hardware-agnostic system integrator is well suited to provide such a solution. The integrated hardware-software systems allow for the execution of standardized physics experiments, from resonator and qubit spectroscopy experiments to benchmarking of gate fidelities. The delivery to FAU Erlangen also included a successful Site Acceptance Test (SAT) and introduction to the preinstalled diagnostics software. Testing the experiment workflow in cryogenic conditions, however, is still pending and will be performed as soon as the setup is completed with the fridge.

Also relevant for the selection was the OrangeQS Rack as an integrated tool. This acknowledges the need for product-level well-integrated tools for research into qubits and highlights the added value of a one-stop-shop for a complete R&D system. Our rack strikes the balance between the flexibility required for a research setup, while providing the experience of an integrated product. Apart from seamless interaction between the Superconducting Qubit Tools software libraries and the hardware in the OrangeQS Rack, it includes clear documentation, APIs and analysis tools.