OrangeQS tools for the research community

In the coming years, OrangeQS will support the emerging quantum industry with equipment for high-throughput testing of quantum chips. The research community can benefit from the development of these tools as well. With the OrangeQS R&D System, leading academic groups and R&D labs can use a well-integrated tool for testing superconducting qubits, with fully assembled delivery and a cold Site Acceptance Test.

OrangeQS R&D System for superconducting quantum chip testing

OrangeQS R&D System. Test equipment for research into superconducting quantum chips.

The OrangeQS R&D System is everything you need to automate your transmon qubit device testing. With a full-stack measurement system, we can finally deliver seamless integration of cryogenic environment, room-temperature electronics and test protocols. We can also guarantee qubit tune-up after delivery, which translates into quicker access to measured data.

The OrangeQS Rack is the OrangeQS R&D system’s stack of room-temperature electronics. It can be purchased separately, at a lower price point, and can be an option for labs with the expertise to successfully integrate it with inhouse cryogenic hardware. Deploying an OrangeQS Rack to your lab guarantees compatibility of our Quantum Diagnostics Libraries with the room-temperature control electronics in your lab, as well as the ability to recover your room-temperature stack to its original functional state.

Both OrangeQS R&D system and OrangeQS Rack employ our proprietary Quantum Diagnostics Libraries. These are libraries of protocols for superconducting qubit or TWPA testing, with automation provided by our Graph-based Automated Calibration Execution framework.

Since no two labs are alike, the OrangeQS R&D System, OrangeQS Rack and Quantum Diagnostics Libraries are customized to your needs with our Quantum Care service.

Our new brochure gives a great overview of all our current tools for the research community. It can also help you identify the gaps in your own R&D setup. Make sure to receive a copy, by meeting us at a conference or by sending an email to

If there is significant interest in an OrangeQS R&D System, make sure to pass by booth #1530 at the APS March Meeting 2024 in Minneapolis. Our team can provide you with a demo of our tools for the research community, as well as a trial license for SCQT.