OrangeQS Insights Q2 2024

While we are building the first 100+ qubit test system behind the scenes, we continue to serve customers in the R&D market with our products. Here we highlight a few milestones from the last quarter, showing our transition from project-based activities to delivering turn-key systems.

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the advisor board of OrangeQS

Some highlights from opening day of our new production facilities in March, with one of our advisors trying to get a glimpse on the Industry System (right). The image on the left portrays OrangeQS’ advisory board in our lab earlier that day. From left to right: René Penning de Vries (NXP), David P. DiVincenzo (RWTH) and Jan van Schoot (ASML).


FAU Erlangen Delivery

Pictures from the OrangeQS Rack delivery at the FAU Erlangen university

Pictures from the delivery and Site Acceptance Test (SAT) for the OrangeQS Rack. The picture in the middle shows Prof. Chris Eichler, leading the quantum research efforts at FAU Erlangen.

In the process of becoming a major player in quantum computing research, the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU Erlangen) has taken a significant step by acquiring a test solution from OrangeQS.

OrangeQS won part of the public tender and delivered an OrangeQS Rack, comprising multi-channel measurement electronics designed for room temperature control of the experimental setup.

The Rack as an integrated hardware-software solution allows for the execution of various experiments from our proprietary protocol library, via physics-based API. The delivery of our components in December last year also included a successful Site Acceptance Test (SAT) and introduction to the preinstalled diagnostics and automation software. Testing the experiment workflow in cryogenic conditions will be performed soon, as the setup is now being completed.

Read more in our news item or on the website of the Eichler Lab.

New Investors

InnovationQuarter joins Cottonwood Technology Fund and QDNL Participations as an investor in OrangeQS. The decision is based on our unique position in the quantum industry value chain, developing high throughput quantum chip test equipment.

Read our news item.

Uni Napoli Delivery

In March we delivered the Quantum Diagnostics Libraries to the group of Prof. Francesco Tafuri at the University Napoli. Having completed their experimental setup with our interoperable software suites for experiments and automation, the team is now at the forefront of quantum research in Italy.

More about the delivery here.

Test time analysis

Estimating the time needed to test 100+ qubits shows that we need new methods to shorten test cycle times. In a SPIE Litho publication we perform a test time analysis for single-qubit gate fidelities using a randomized benchmarking protocol on transmon qubits.

Read more in our news article.

Insight: Build or buy?

Starting research activities in quantum physics is a strenuous task for academic labs, quantum startups or established tech companies alike. Part of the struggle is that it used to be common practice to design, procure, assemble, and install equipment in-house, as well as program most of the software and analysis tools.

However, the field is accelerating and at a certain scale of quantum chip research, building a full system based on off-the-shelf components is not trivial anymore. That brings commercial and academic entities to face the same question: how do I most efficiently employ the available resources and what activities are better outsourced? Making the correct decisions is vital for fast progress on any technical roadmap.

As qubit counts for maturing modalities, the demands on cryogenic setups, control electronics, and classical software increase accordingly. To address the added complexity and match the pace, we expect more “build” decisions to shift towards “buy”.

Read more in our article on the build vs. buy decision.

Upcoming Events

The IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering (QCE), bridges the gap between quantum science and industry. This multidisciplinary event offers a unique platform for attendees to discuss challenges and opportunities with experts from various fields, including researchers, engineers, entrepreneurs, and students.

Taking place from 15 – 19 September in Montréal, Canada, it poses an opportunity to connect the European and North American ecosystems.

OrangeQS representatives will be present, make sure to reach out to us to get an in-person update.

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